Cordova/Phonegap UserVoice Plugin

UserVoice Plugin Hello, here is very simple cordova/phonegap plugin to use UserVoice API. Lets try it.   Installations: Note: “{myApp}” denote the name of your application Copy “UserVoice” folder to your app’s {myApp}/Plugins/ folder Now drag the “UserVoice” ({myApp}/Plugins/UserVoice) folder to xcode window and drop on Plugins folder, make sure you have checked “Create group…


Extjs Grid Query Builder

This example shows how to use Query Builder. You can also save queries as public and private for future use You can add filter fields, where Conditions, additional fields from database table Here is the fresh query used to load the grid at time of rendring SELECT c.* DATE_FORMAT(created, ‘%b %e, %Y’) as created_date, DATE_FORMAT(modified,…


Extjs Filter Row

Here is example that show how to use a Extjs Filter Row. You can add any kind of input filter like DropDown/Combobox, Textfield, NumberField, DateField Etc And You can clear all filters by one click You can choose more options from RHS DropDown menu as Show below   Download/Demo:¬†Extjs Filter row


Extjs Excel Copy paste grid

Here is Extjs Copy paste grid, It work for Extjs 3 and Extjs 4   This example shows how to create a Excel grid with inline editing. Selecting Cell range (1st method): shift + UP/DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT key Selecting Cell range (2nd method): shift + mouse down Selecting Cell range (3rd method): Mouse down + Mouse drag…

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