Cordova/Phonegap UserVoice Plugin

UserVoice Plugin


here is very simple cordova/phonegap plugin to use UserVoice API. Lets try it.



Note: “{myApp}” denote the name of your application

  1. Copy “UserVoice” folder to your app’s {myApp}/Plugins/ folder
  2. Now drag the “UserVoice” ({myApp}/Plugins/UserVoice) folder to xcode window and drop on Plugins folder, make sure you have checked “Create group for any added folders” new added folder “UserVoice” icon must be yellow, not blue.
  3. Now copy the js file from “UserVoice” plugin folder to your “www” folder and link it under html file as bellow (add a script reference to UserVoice.js)
    1. <script type=”text/javascript” src = “UserVoice.js”></script>


UserVoice cfg is a javascript var as bellow

Configure the UserVoice window options


  1. var cfg = {
  2.         task:’launchFeedback’,//[launchFeedback|contactUs|viewForum|postIdea]
  4.         site:’’,
  5.         key:’pZJocTBPbg5FN4bAwczDLQ’,
  6.         secret:’Q7UKcxRYLlSJN4CxegUYI6t0uprdsSAGthRIDvYmI’,
  8.         topicId:0,//[0|453|333 (any valid topicId as interger)]
  9.         showContactUs:1,//[0|1], Show/hide Contact us button
  10.         showForum:1,//[0|1] Show/hide Forum button
  11.         showPostIdea:1,//[0|1] Show/hide Post an idea button
  12.         showKnowledgeBase:1//[0|1] Show/hide KnowledgeBase items
  13. };


Now show the uservoice window


  1. showUserVoice(cfg);      Or   window.plugins.uservoice.launch(cfg);
Result will be as bellow
Cordova-phonegap uservoice plugin

Cordova-phonegap uservoice plugin


Downlaod/Demo: Cordova-phonegap uservoice plugin


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