Hippo Bargains

Because hippos are awesome! Actually, the hippo represents how HUGE our deals are. Hippos are described as MASSIVE (they are, after all, the second largest mammal on Earth!), and that’s just how big the bargains are at HB. Besides it’s enormity, the hippo, as a symbol, represents who we are at HB, who we aspire to be, and our goals for what we offer to our customers. Here are just a few reasons we love hippos:

  • Hippos represent emotional clearing (and who doesn’t need a little of that?).
  • Hippos are said to guide us in grounding ourselves, and represent stability.
  • The hippo teaches us to follow a successful and routine path that will always lead us to our goals
  • The hippo can see, hear, and breathe underwater (whoa!) and teaches us a higher level of perception.
  • Dreams about hippos highlight your inner strengths-you have more power and influence than you realize.
  • Finally-hippos have always been seen as a symbol of birth, motherhood, and protection of young.

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